A Cleaning Crew Worth Their Weight in Gold

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When my sister was involved in a pretty bad car accident, she was lucky to have even survived it. She was in the hospital for a week and had two different surgeries followed by two weeks in a physical rehab center. I knew that she was not going to have the stamina or energy to take care of her apartment, which is why I went online to look up residential cleaning services. She is a pretty neat person, but that didn’t mean that her kitchen and bathroom could go weeks at a time without a cleaning, along with the other rooms.

Her doctor had told us that she would make a full recovery, but she hadn’t even started her outpatient rehab yet. She had extremely limited mobility, so she wasn’t going to be dusting or running the vacuum anytime soon. I was able to get a quote for someone to come in twice a week and take care of the basics, and it was actually quite inexpensive. I was expecting a much higher price, so I went ahead and paid for two months up front. I know I should have waited until I saw the work, but I just wanted to lock in the price as soon as I heard it.

I needn’t have worried though. The cleaning personnel went above and beyond their duties at my sister’s apartment. They were extremely helpful when she had additional requests, and they respected her privacy as well. She got stronger once those two months were up and felt that she could handle some of the chores on her own, but her doctor advised that she hold off on doing anything too strenuous. The cleaners were handling all of the vacuuming, windows, toilets, and other things that would require a lot of energy from her, so we decided to keep them on for another two months. She’s now thinking about keeping them on permanently!

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