Boosting the Business with Email

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The first year of owning my own business has been quite the learning period for me. I did some research beforehand about how to run a business, but I still found myself a little unprepared. I had to learn how to branch out more to get more people interested in my business, and found that email marketing was a great idea. Using a list of the top 10 email marketing software, I used a program to help me use my email address to advertise to potential and current customers and get more revenue.

The key to successfully using email to market to other people is to make things straight to the point. There is an old acronym that says to keep things simple. You have to get your point across or people won’t bother to listen to what you have to say. Within the first few seconds of opening an email, a person will decide if they want to delete it or keep it. That’s only a small window of opportunity to make a claim or show why something that is being offered is a good idea. I use eye catching bold text and a larger than average font to get an initial attraction.

Another thing to keep in mind while marketing with email is that you have to send emails at the right time. No one will read emails at odd hours, and sometimes they will be annoyed by them if they get notifications about new messages. Sending too many messages over a short period of time will also annoy people and they will just delete them and block the sender. I only send emails about my business only once a week during the day. In the emails, I also included timed discounts to entice people to use my business.

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