We Purchased Fun Games for Our Own Tailgating Parties at Home

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For many years, my husband and I enjoyed tailgating with our friends before every home game for our university’s football team. We had a truck rigged up with a TV in the back, a grill, games and a lot more things that we would use to keep ourself entertained and occupied before the game would start up. But as we have grown older, we have not always wanted to spend so much time away from the house. We decided that it would be a good idea to shop tailgate games online, and think about having a “tailgating” party at our own house with invited guests. We weren’t sure if everyone would up for it since a part of having these get-together’s on the university’s campus is the atmosphere of so many other people (including strangers) who are there for the same purpose as you are.

We made some calls to friends and family to ask them what they thought, and they were all for it! Especially when they learned we would provide all the activities, and they would not have to drag all their equipment over. We just asked that they bring some food and beer, and we would handle the rest. (more…)

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