Spending a Little to Make a Lot More is Good Business

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Our hotel thrived while the one next door failed. Both of us owned the same type of structure that was around the same age and in the same condition. Both of us had friendly staff and charged about the same prices. My competitor went under while my wife and I managed to build a nice business with our hotel. So much that we bought our competitor’s building. I chalk it up to paying attention to details that includes things such as keeping preventative maintenance contracts in NYC.

An example of why I think the attention to detail and preventative maintenance contracts helps is when a couple came across the street with their bags and asked for a room. They had just left the other hotel. They said their room stunk, and they asked if ours did. We let them “smell” their room first. They were pleased and finished their stay with us. (more…)

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I Didn’t Start the Fire

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An electrical fire caused part of my roof to be burned. I was lucky that the fire didn’t spread any further than it did, or I might have been homeless, or much worse. When I noticed the fire, I called the fire department, and they rushed over to my home. They attached their hose to a nearby fire hydrant and sprayed until the fire was out. While looking a the charred remains, I thought about who would be able to do roof installation in Brooklyn NY for me. I made a note of all of the roofing companies in the area.

Taking in to account certain factors, like price, quality, and customer feedback, I picked the company that I thought was the best. (more…)

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My Friend Wants to Start a Music Site

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It is pretty difficult to see how you could break into online music sales, but this guy I know keeps talking about it. He is looking at other markets which are not being served. He is talking about the sort of site like Baixar musica which operates in South Asia and sells music to that audience. Of course that is the big market that he thinks is not being served by iTunes and the other music download sites. I am not really sure that it makes sense, but of course I am sort of curious how he intends to do it or if he has thought about the language problems that this involves. In fact there are at least two dozen major languages in India and hundreds of dialects which are spoken locally there. (more…)

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