Developers Need Cross Platform Optimization

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Finding the right web and application developer for your business is like wading through a sea of options. It’s as if everyone has become a developer over night but do you know what makes a good developer? Perspective. Perspective in how to present your application or website. The perspective in how to implement it. The perspective of communication. All of these things come together for the end user. How they engage with your application or website and what they take from it is why I chose for all of my development needs. Based in Singapore where the mobile market has long been an industry power house, they have an understanding of what the end user expects from an application.

As an end user and a small business owner, my personal gripe is the multitude of Android forks that are making their way into the market. It’s because of these forks that many developers are beginning to have difficulty in making their applications easily transferrable across multiple platforms. Take Amazon as a prime example of this. I love Amazon; who doesn’t? They offer many services that most of us use. However, their tablets operate on their version of Android. Their application store suffers greatly because of this.

Whenever I search for an application that I also have on my Nexus, I can’t find it. Some of them are expected but applications like games are almost never shared. This should not be. There must be a more efficient method in allowing cross platform ecosystems to work with each other instead of against each other. I understand the need to capture a percentage of the market share but with so many users utilizing different devices at home, why not allowing for easier access so developers are able to quickly populate a new providers store?

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