Flash Drives That Are Custom Designed

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I needed to order some plastic USB flash drives, so I asked my assistant to look in the local office supplies store’s catalog to get a price on them. I wanted to order several dozen because we were going to start a big project, and I wanted to load documents onto each one so my employees would have easy access to them, no matter where they are. When my assistant asked me if she could order them elsewhere, I gave her the go ahead. I honestly did not care where they came from. I just wanted to have them in time for the presentation meeting that was scheduled for two weeks out.

I did know that she likes unique USB drives, but I am glad that it is something that interests her. The reason for that is because of the USB flash drives that she ended up ordering. She knew that I would not care what kind she got after giving her the okay to order whatever she wanted, so she ordered sphere shaped USB drives in orange and purple. These are the two main colors in our logo, and I admit that I hadn’t even thought to incorporate that into the decision on which USB drives to get.

She was also able to get the company logo printed on one side of the USB flash drives, and the finished product was something I was I had thought of in the first place. That is why she is my assistant though, because she is able to do things like this. I wanted a flash drive that was going to enable my employees to have the access they needed, and she gave them a flash drive that looks amazing and cannot be mistaken for anything other than a product of our company. The employees all loved them too!

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