I Didn’t Start the Fire

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An electrical fire caused part of my roof to be burned. I was lucky that the fire didn’t spread any further than it did, or I might have been homeless, or much worse. When I noticed the fire, I called the fire department, and they rushed over to my home. They attached their hose to a nearby fire hydrant and sprayed until the fire was out. While looking a the charred remains, I thought about who would be able to do roof installation in Brooklyn NY for me. I made a note of all of the roofing companies in the area.

Taking in to account certain factors, like price, quality, and customer feedback, I picked the company that I thought was the best. When I told them about my problem, they came over and gave me a free estimate for the cost of repairs. I jokingly asked for a free installation, but that request was denied. The cost of the installation came out to be less than I thought it would be. Since the weather for the rest of that week was going to be clear, I gave the company my approval to start working on the installation the next day.

The crew went to work early in the morning to install the new roof. The tools made a lot of noise, but I had a set of noise cancelling headphones to take care of that. Whenever things get too loud outside, from lawn mowers to motorcycles, I like to take out the headphones and put on my favorite classical music. The workers worked from sun up to sun down and made the roof exactly like how it looked before the fire happened. The only thing left to do was to make sure that all of the wiring in my home wasn’t faulty enough to cause another fire.

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