I Feel Better Now That I Taken Some Time to Learn

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I have heard the term “newbie” in reference to people who are new to something and mostly stumbling around trying to figure out how to do things. That term fit me perfectly when I first started up my brand new company. I felt so sure of myself wanting to be my own boss. But after hiring my first employee, she wondered why I didn’t hand her a paystub after I direct deposited her payment in her account. So, I went looking for a paystub generator to see if they even existed. Sure enough, they do. I got lucky!

Even though my employee knows that I am new to the business world and I am still learning so much, I really do not like feeling so naive around her. I always felt like I was stumbling around for the right answers for her and for myself in general. She’s a super nice person, but because I am the boss, I felt like I should start sounding more like one. I had never been the sole owner of anything before, and I felt that I should look like I had more control than I did.

I ended up learning that a local group in my city offers classes for entrepreneurs. Not only that, the class meets once per week for 8 weeks and the cost was just a low $99.00 for the entire eight weeks. I signed up right away, not knowing what to expect. It was great to meet a lot of other people who felt just like I did. They all wanted to learn the things that they were missing that would make things much more easy for them and the people they employ. I really learned a lot in the class, and I know that it helped me in many ways.

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