I Found the Right Type of People for LIfe

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I have not thought of myself at any point in life as someone who must only be with one person of the opposite sex. I have been, however, someone who always felt most comfortable with making friends with people who are a couple. This means, a man and a woman who are a couple. And this grew until I realized that I would most like to be part of a relationship with the same said people. So, I put out my feelers and began looking online for other women seeking couples to be part of a healthy relationship with. It was not hard to find people that fit that requirement at all.

It is the Internet that has helped people who are a little bit different to find thousands of other people just like them. People do not always talk out loud about who they would like to date, but online, people feel more comfortable in doing so. That is how I found so many other people online who feel comfortable talking about their private lives on a variety of different forums. I feel at home in these forums, and the other people that frequent the forums say that they feel the same exact way that I do.

I met a nice couple who was looking for someone like me. They, too, have never felt like they were like everyone else. And they were interested in bringing in one more person to their relationship. They are married, and over time, I decided to move in after they invited me to do so. We are very happy together. And I have to say that it is really nice to have three people instead of two to bring insight to your relationship! It also helps to have three different people who can do the dishes!

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