My Friend Wants to Start a Music Site

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It is pretty difficult to see how you could break into online music sales, but this guy I know keeps talking about it. He is looking at other markets which are not being served. He is talking about the sort of site like Baixar musica which operates in South Asia and sells music to that audience. Of course that is the big market that he thinks is not being served by iTunes and the other music download sites. I am not really sure that it makes sense, but of course I am sort of curious how he intends to do it or if he has thought about the language problems that this involves. In fact there are at least two dozen major languages in India and hundreds of dialects which are spoken locally there. If you speak English that gets you a long way there, because it is one of the most widely. You simply can not operate a business without the ability to speak with the potential customer.

At any rate the guy is not going to be able to do this by himself and although I can help him with some of the technical aspects, but there is a lot more to than that. You have to think about the interface in fact, how it deals with the user. That is not so simple, especially if you are building a music site that attempts to sell music to people who may speak a couple dozen languages that are not English. Obviously the music is going to be in a different language, so the web page must be as well. So I am surely not going to be able to solve a fraction of the problems with this project’s concept. It simply does not seem to be very practical.

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