Spending a Little to Make a Lot More is Good Business

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Our hotel thrived while the one next door failed. Both of us owned the same type of structure that was around the same age and in the same condition. Both of us had friendly staff and charged about the same prices. My competitor went under while my wife and I managed to build a nice business with our hotel. So much that we bought our competitor’s building. I chalk it up to paying attention to details that includes things such as keeping preventative maintenance contracts in NYC.

An example of why I think the attention to detail and preventative maintenance contracts helps is when a couple came across the street with their bags and asked for a room. They had just left the other hotel. They said their room stunk, and they asked if ours did. We let them “smell” their room first. They were pleased and finished their stay with us. That day several guests from the other hotel came over to ours. What had happened was the owner of the other hotel had not had the AC system filters replaced on schedule and had not had the system inspected. Dirty filters and dirty condensate water was building up because of a plugged drain in the system. It cost him money to get it fixed and money in lost business.

Our AC and heating system is inspected on a regular basis. Filters are cleaned and replaced as needed. Belts are adjusted or replaced too. A loose or tight belt on a motor can cause an awful burnt rubber smell throughout your whole building. Condensate from an AC system can harbor dangerous bacteria that can actually kill some people. That would be a tragedy you could not survive as a business. Our attention to the details of running our business costs money, but they make us more money than they cost.

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