Thankful for Having My Phone Unlocked

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When I first bought my phone, it had excellent coverage. I could be anywhere in my house and not worry about a signal. In fact, the only time I could not get a signal was when I visited my grandparents, which was only every few weeks. When I moved though, I had lousy reception at my new house. I had to go outside to use my phone, and I knew that I needed to change carriers. The only problem was, my phone was locked! I went online to do a search for carrier unlock, because I knew it would be easier and cheaper for me to get my phone unlocked than it would to buy a new phone through a new carrier.

I just wanted to switch carriers, not phones, and I had no idea why I would have to buy a brand new phone to have a new carrier rather than just use the perfectly good phone that I already had. Since that had no logic to it, I just went online, knowing that I would be able to find someone or something that would be able to help me get my phone unlocked.

What I found was a reputable company that has been doing this for a while now. They had excellent reviews, and their prices were extremely reasonable. By using their services and having them unlock my phone, I was able to switch to a new carrier without having to dish out a lot of money for a new phone. It was easy, and I am really happy that I can now make phone calls from anywhere in my house. I like the new carrier that I have, and I really like that I am using my old phone. Needless to say, I’m very thankful to the company that unlocked my phone!

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