Why Friends Are Just As Important As Your Job

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I do not have very much free time in life. This is because I really try to focus on my life and what needs to be done to get ahead in life. I like to pay attention to what my loved ones are doing, though. They mean everything to me. For example, recently, friends were joking around about who will marry Elsy and after realizing she didn’t look to happy about the joking, that her relationship life was something of great importance to her. She had recently had a string of bad relationships and felt that, at her age, she should have been further along to finding a soulmate. I decided to make a concerted effort to help her meet some great guys who I personally know. I make it a point to make time for people who mean a lot to me.

Earlier on in my career, I was so focused on it that I missed a lot of things that were going on with my family and friends. A friend would tell me they were getting divorced, and I would suddenly lift my head up from over-focusing on other things and realize that I had given that friend no moral support in a log time. I would suddenly remember that they had reached out to talk to me on several occasions, but I would always beg off and tell them I couldn’t meet with them because I was busy. I would then see that we would drift apart while they tried to whether their journeys without me. This is just one of many instances, and I learned my lesson.

My parents always told me how important your career is. I would say they drilled that into me. I took it to heart at just about every direction. I wanted to make something of myself. But along the way, I also learned that the people you know are important as well. You must find a good balance for everything.

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